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Welcome to Oaklynn Lane – Fun and Witty Wedding Vendor Focused Tees, Apparel, Accessories, and Office Decor

Welcome into our midst where every wedding vendor is valued, inspired, and thanked, and every bride and groom thoughtfully appreciated! As lovers of the wedding industry, we thought it was time to bring something fresh to the table and enable professionals to put their brands under the spotlight. From customized tops to office supplies and thank you gifts, in Oaklynn Lane you will find all the little things that make your company shine. The best part? All our items are extremely fun, witty, and cute – enabling every wedding professional, team, and bride to feel fresh and inspired! 

As we are focused on illuminating your professional charm, you would surely want to know a little more about our journey and how we can bring your vision to light. So grab yourself a cup of your favorite drink and let us introduce you to Oaklynn Lane!

The Tale of Oaklynn Lane

Our roots go back to when I owned a floral shop, Pine and Petal Weddings for 7 years. So you can say I am pretty well versed in the language of love stories and celebrations! During all of these years, I simply grew to love the industry so much and all of those talented and hard-working people that I met along the way. Of course, there were both joys and challenges when it comes to working with brides to bring their nuptial dreams into reality. But it was all worth it, including all of the ups and downs of being a wedding professional. No matter how hard you work, when you see their smiles and hear their wonderful words – your heart keeps beating in the name of weddings!

Naturally, as a dedicated wedding business owner, I quickly understood that team building was an essential part of building a great brand name. But as a creative, I also understood the importance of a strong aesthetic presence – both at events and in the office. In a way, I just wanted my team to feel and look like one big happy family! How did I manage to do that? Well, one way that brought me so much joy was matching team shirts. As I always had trouble finding them, I figured – why not create my own designs? And so I did! It was a challenge figuring out the themes, designs, and figuring out the custom printing process but I did it and it felt amazing!

Thus, the tale of Oaklynn Lane began to unfold. As a wedding vendor myself, operating with a great team for whom I deeply care; I wanted to create something for every wedding professional. I and my team wanted to make every creative feel appreciated, channeling their own vibe and sass. From witty and fun tees to customizing them with their own logos – literally, we have something for anyone! Plus, our patterns and designs are so adorable that you couldn’t possibly say no. We also decided to empower everyone by offering wedding icons on accessories and decor to spruce up the office and the daily hustle and bustle.

How about brides and grooms? We could never leave them out! You will discover we have great bride shirts, gifts for brides, wedding party gifts, gifts for the groom, and wedding appreciation gifts that would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Regardless of whether you choose some of our cute tops, tumblers or even a clipboard, your brand will get the shine it deserves!

Something nuptial, something cute, let go of worries because you can buy new products completely tailored for you!

Here is a little taste of what you can find in our creative space:

Cute Wedding Professional Shirts

Not only do we offer a variety of graphic tees for wedding professionals, but we include them all! You will find tees that are sassy, adorable, fun, and witty for every wedding vendor – planners and coordinators, florists and floral designers, cake artists, wedding venue professionals and coordinators, photographers, videographers, officiants, DJs, hair and makeup artists, etc. Our team shirts will make you feel like a family or simply add zest to your workflow. The designs are specially curated to make you channel your passion and express your unique nature! And of course, let’s not forget the fact they are totally cute!

Wedding Professional Swag

We have a feeling that your office or work accessories are in need of your unique flair! Thus we decided to spice up the aesthetic of wedding vendors by offering something aligned with your theme. From lovely icons to adorable patterns, your decor and assets will inspire you as soon as you look at them. You can find anything – tumblers, clipboards, notebooks, totes, mousepads, phone cases, cardholders – you name it! Did we mention that our wedding vendor accents have a superpower? They do in fact enhance your productivity! Trust us, it is tested and proved.

Custom Logo Tees and Merchandise

Now we are talking. This option means that you are ready to take your brand to the next level and customize your team shirts with your own business logo! Let your merch speak for itself and allow yourself to shine through cohesive branded styling. Simply pick your design and let us take it from there, providing personalized design and custom printing options!

Gifts from Wedding Vendors to the Bride/Groom

Present your clients with thank you gifts or with wedding party gifts! As brides can thank you with wedding vendor gifts, you can also show your appreciation to them for entrusting their dreams in your hands. From cute tees and hoodies to totes, you will find something for anyone!

No matter whether you are a wedding professional who is looking to build a strong brand presence and team, or you are seeking to present your bride and groom with a thank you gift – you will soon discover that our products can seamlessly match your needs. We warmly invite you to browse through our vast array of designs and purchase the one that speaks to you the most!