Bride squad beach bachelorette party with mauve and pink bride squad shirts

How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party Weekend

While pulling off the perfect bachelorette party weekend may seem simple, it can actually be a much bigger task! Whether you are a bride who wants to plan her own, or you’re a Maid of Honor taking on the role of event planner, Luckily, we’ve developed an easy-to-follow roadmap with all the steps you need for planning a bachelorette party that is both intentional and fun!

Whether it’s a hometown extravaganza, a bach bash in Nashville, or a relaxing spa weekend, read on for every step you need to know about how to plan the perfect bachelorette party.

Have an Open Discussion with the Bride

You may have a bride who wants her bachelorette party to be a total surprise or one who wants to be involved every step of the way. Regardless, it’s important to have an open discussion of your bride’s boundaries and what she may or may not be ok with. Some brides may feel uncomfortable around exotic dancers or not want any phallic-shaped decor. If she does give you the “ok” then go all out, you can, but remember this is her party and you ultimately want to make sure she has a great time!

Pick The Perfect Date & Location

Many hotspots have popped up over the years known to host bachelorette weekends - Las Vegas, Nashville, Savannah, Disney World, etc. Several factors go into narrowing down your bachelorette destination. Ask yourself: Do you want hot or cold weather? Do you want to be in nature or dancing the night away? Asking these questions will help you when looking at the time of year, costs of travel, and more.

Send out Invitations

Next it's time to generate some buzz for your bachelorette party and is the time to have all of the bride’s best friends in one place! You want to make sure that invitations are sent out with plenty of time in advance for guests to save and prepare, especially if travel is required. You can opt for a personalized invite in their mailbox, send an email, create a Facebook page, or even just a group chat to communicate details and updates! Your total guest count can also affect lodging, group meals, etc. so try to nail the final guest count down as early as possible. 

Nail Down the Itinerary

Once you have a close headcount to who will be attending, now will be the time to make reservations and book lodging. A larger group of 15-25 will likely need to rent a house through Airbnb or a vacation rental company while a smaller group can opt for a hotel suite. You can even ask one or two other members of the bridal party to help make these calls if need be. Don’t forget to secure transportation too - look into using Uber/Lyft codes and save money!

Order Bachelorette Clothing and Accessories

For your average Friday through Sunday weekend, you’ll likely have many activities to plan for! Having a day by the pool? Opt for coordinating bachelorette party bathing suits, flip flops, and cups!  If you will be outdoors exploring a town like Savannah, opt for cute pink tanks for the party and a white one for the bride so everyone knows who you are!  Other bachelorette activity options often include boat charters, spa days, outdoor picnics, private yoga and fitness classes, walking tours, theme parks, and more.

Have Fun!

Whatever the bride’s ideal bachelorette party celebration is, everyone is going to have a fun time! Focus on making memories and having an amazing time! You pulled off a special weekend that the bride will remember for the rest of her life. So enjoy it!